The Six are gone from Pelkaera. Their throne room is empty and silent, and not even the dull roar of the Valley’s souls echoes off the silver cliffs at the center of the Great Sea.

Baegar, the Faceless God, Lord of All that is Evil, has been revived by the foolishness of the lich, Luwan. In an effort to attain godhood, he gave new life to the body of the dead god and was overwhelmed.

Baegar’s return has not gone unnoticed. Other horrors, weaker yet still formidable members of the god’s own kind, have begun to stir in the corners of the world, gathering fanatic followers and posing a great threat to the civilized nations of Pelkaera.

The world’s only hope of salvation from perhaps the most potent god in the cosmos is in those who staved off the forces of Luwan and stopped his savage armies from destroying their homeland. They must now find the few gods that may remain and learn all they know of where the Six may have gone, or earn their favor should the Six never return.

The Nightmare Risen